If you’re looking for a down-to-earth
therapist to work with, I’m your girl.

I offer individual therapy in person and online for Georgia residents, consultations for students and therapists, and will soon offer supervision and online courses. I also love speaking and hosting mental health & wellness events for the community as well as clinicians and students in the field.

My experience of therapy with you has been great! I admire how it’s a no judgment zone and it’s a safe place for me to express how I feel. Also, I admire how you boost your clients’ confidence to level up as well! Thank you!

- Krystal

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I’m a therapist practicing in Atlanta, Ga. I was born and raised in Queens, NY,
grew up in Charlotte, NC, and I’ve been in Atlanta since 2008. I’m probably far from
what you imagine a stereotypical therapist to be, and if you’re cool with that, that’s
already a good sign that we might work great together!

I’m the live-out-loud type, womanist, mother & wife.
Family, friends, and experiences are EVERYTHING to me.

I’m a lover of SO many things, mental health & wellness as you can guess, ranking pretty high on my list! Smoothies, quotes, dancing, posing for insta worthy pics, Pinterest, home decor, vacays, hosting events, Barnes & Noble, twinning with my toddler daughter, and Beyonce are up there too.

I find that most people are initially apprehensive about seeing a therapist, but for me,
it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Nearly 2.5 years after experiencing a
great loss, I decided it was time to move my life forward. I credit Tameika with helping me
'go from neutral and reverse, to DRIVE'. I got moving on my goals and began
really focusing on self-care. The journey has been a blessing.

— Stephanie

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Educating, training, speaking, and motivating on all things
mental health and wellness is my thing.


I’ll help you develop a healthier relationships with yourself and others while improving your self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love.


I love teaching and supporting students and new therapist.
Everything from taking and passing the NCE, obtaining licensure,
working in various treatment settings, being an entrepreneur in private practice, to becoming an innovator in our field, I’ll share what
I’ve learned and show you the ropes.


Individual & Group Supervision. Clinical review for the direct purpose of teaching or training, to promote the development of your clinical skills.